What is iRepo?

iRepo is a full-featured assignment distribution and management application that facilitates efficient business-to-business e-commerce between lenders and their repossession vendors. With iRepo, you have the ability to:


  • Automate and streamline repossession assignment processing
  • Reduce expense overhead related to assignment management
  • Reduce risk of repossession after cancelation of request
  • Enhance informational data flow between the Lender and Vendor
  • Use a single application to view all placed assignments
  • Reduce assignment life-cycle both pre and post repossession
  • Use Integrated Condition Reports
  • Create, automate, and request exceptions on Invoices
  • Develop new data elements for greater statistical analysis
  • And much more…



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Why is iRepo the Solution?

  • Consolidate – consolidate all related repossession activity in a single interface
  • Single-Source – utilize iRepo’s data migration feature to eliminate the need to access multiple assignment platforms.
  • Security – you can rely on iRepo to provide the latest level of login, password, and database encryption.
  • Access – create customized user profiles to control access and rights



  • Place Assignments in Real Time!
    MBSi offers the industry’s only fully automated assignment dispatch process.
  • Get Real Results As They Happen
    Repossession activity is reported in real-time as field agents record the data
  • Vendor Registration and Sign-up
  • Vendor Document Management
    - License
    - Insurance
    - Bond
    - Certification
  • Vendor Notification
    - E-mail notification of expired document(s)
  • Exception Queue Management
    - Vendor capacity threshold
    - Recovery rate threshold


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